Mind's Mirrors

A Dark & Stormy Knight

Chance Encounter?

The PCs are en route to Tangleroot, a coastal town on the continent of Elona, when a hail storm forces them to seek refuge in an abandoned tor. The players are as follows: Bardryn Softhands, a dwarf cleric, Brother Josephus, a fragile-minded minotaur, Admiral Snackbar, a dragonborn paladin, Little Half-Squat, our resident rogue, and the mysterious Veron Tulton, human wizard in search of a bouncing orb.

The PCs effectively clear the tor of its goblin/critter inhabitants and gain two magical items. On the bodies of the goblins they find a red handed insignia, eerily similar to the mark of The Black Hand – a band of terrorist raiders that populated the region some time ago.



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