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Tangleroot Ablaze!

Within hours of their arrival in Tangleroot, a band of hobgoblin assailants attack the town. At the Blue Lagoon Taphouse the PCs witness the murder of several patrons before springing to action. Little information is gleaned from the frightened barkeep and his assistant.

Once the alehouse is secure the PCs venture into the streets to find a furious ogre pulling a cart filled with explosives. Veron Tulton launches a flaming orb into the cart, igniting the explosives, then force-pushes the flaming cart backward – pinning the hobgoblin arches in a burning bush. Half-Squat attempts to rush the ogre but is knocked unconscious by its club. The PCs eventually defeat the ogre and are celebrated as saviors of Tangleroot.

A Dark & Stormy Knight
Chance Encounter?

The PCs are en route to Tangleroot, a coastal town on the continent of Elona, when a hail storm forces them to seek refuge in an abandoned tor. The players are as follows: Bardryn Softhands, a dwarf cleric, Brother Josephus, a fragile-minded minotaur, Admiral Snackbar, a dragonborn paladin, Little Half-Squat, our resident rogue, and the mysterious Veron Tulton, human wizard in search of a bouncing orb.

The PCs effectively clear the tor of its goblin/critter inhabitants and gain two magical items. On the bodies of the goblins they find a red handed insignia, eerily similar to the mark of The Black Hand – a band of terrorist raiders that populated the region some time ago.


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